Infinity Fitness

Health and Wellness Centre

The spacious and exclusive Infinity Fitness offers the latest in electronic cardiovascular machines along with panoramic views of Bangkok. Guests can work out and relax at the same time. Professional personal trainers are also on hand to ensure you get the best advice and your fitness regime is safe and appropriate to your needs.


Infinity Fitness provides every man and woman with the ultimate in technology, exclusive facilities and personalized service. Group exercise classes such as Yoga, High/Low Impact, Body Balance, Pilates, and Fit Balls are also available daily. Where needed, fitness instructors can provide assistance.

  • Infinity Fitness facilities and amenities include:
  • Cardio Zone
  • Resistance Training
  • Selection of Holistic fitness classes
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Separate male/female sauna and stream facilities
  • Stretching Zone
  • Separate male and female changing and relaxing rooms
  • Wet areas with experience shower room (male locker only)
  • Digital lockers
  • Grooming stations
  • Cool Down Zone
  • Personal training is available at an additional charge of Baht 1,766 net/hour


By Master Kamal

Timeless wisdom to living joyfully

Dr Suresh Kamal Srinivas, one of the eight greatest Indian Yoga Masters in the world, has created an exclusive program of yoga classes for Infinity Fitness, at InterContinental Bangkok.

The classes are held every day in 45-minute slots that form a fixed schedule early in the morning and, during weekdays, early in the evening. Master Kamal himself conducts some of the classes, while members of his team of assistants teach other classes.

Master Kamal’s program breaks down into various aspects of yoga, involving anti-aging, weight loss, combat, fat burn, detox, toning and firming, hot stretching, and exercises for the joints, glands, and back care.

Classes are available for hotel guests and members, as below:

  • 1-time session at Baht 800+
  • 2 month for unlimited classes at Baht 10,000+
  • 4 months for 10 classes at Baht 7,500+
  • 4 months for 20 classes at Baht 14,000+

*All prices are subject to 7% government tax

Yoga Class Schedule

*The schedule will be updated weekly

All included special privileges to use shower room and locker.

More about Master Kamal & his program

Master Kamal, who is a resident of Thailand, was born in South India and has been practicing yoga since the age of five years. He has mastered Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Himalaya Yoga, and therapy and meditation. He also has mastered in various martial arts (he is a 5Dan Black Belt) and various fitness sciences, and has been initiated into the Himalayan Tradition Lineage.

Master Kamal has created a new age system of yoga called Kri Yoga. The word “Kri” means “action” and yoga means “union”. The practice of Kri Yoga is based on subtle, static and dynamic Vinyasa (breath flow) yoga practice derived from ancient methods together that gives the utmost benefits in removing toxins and improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

In the reference book The Great Indian Yoga Masters, published in London, Master Kamal was named as one of the 8 Top Indian Yoga Masters in the World.

The yoga classes are conducted at Infinity Fitness, located on Level 36 of InterContinental Bangkok, with magnificent views of the city skyline. Infinity Fitness also offers other group exercise classes such as High/Low Impact, Body Balance, Pilates, and Fit Balls. Professional fitness instructors are available to provide advice and assistance with all aspects of personal workout programs.

The exclusive class with Master Kamal and his team offers a wide range of programs. This includes anti-aging, weight loss, office syndrome, and tone &firm.

In each of this program breakdown into specific parts of Yoga, this involve:
Anti-Aging | Weight Loss - Hot Dhara, Agni Hot, Weight Loss, Asana & Prana, Shakti, Yoga Combat, Fat Burn, Detox, Vinyasa
Office Syndrome - Hot Stretch, Joints & Glands, Pendulum, BackCare, Air Yoga 1 & 2, Asana & Prana, Basics
Tone & Firm - Rhythms. Solar, Yoga Core, Straps, Asana Flow, Dynamic Sun, Hatha Classical, Beyond

For more information or to make reservation, please call 02 656 0444 or email